Lareez! Lets talk Music now, how has it been for you guys? Hi our names are Larunsi Seyi (Lars) and Sanni Isiaka (heezy) we merged it all up to be Lareez when we first started our Journey at a high school called BOSWORTH college int’l, we started music from a competition, we both teamed up to go for in 2011, we performed our version of Wiz Khalifa’s song black and yellow, ours was titled Ama Success tho. We became one and started going to Jodee’s studio, he named his price, we ran around, paid him, he made the beat and we produced our first song titled TOUCHED, we were not satisfied with the mixing so we went to S gee, we were not also satisfied so we recorded the same song again, it didn’t come out well also.


While we were in the studio we met another producer called Big Daddy then, he was very good, we spoke about recording from him, he looked at us and said, eyin oya eko Orin meaning you guys oya sing 4 me. We sang the chorus to our song BAMIJO, God! I love that song it was accepted by the whole studio, our hood and its A-list artistes. Everywhere we played the song people would look at us differently, some would say you guys are singing like Wizkid jooor, some would appreciate it, we moved on in 2012 to produce another piece ROLL 4 ME that song gave us more than BAMIJO it even granted us an interview at Rainbow FM shout out to them for the support, that song was a party banger during its days man.
We must confess 2013 was a mess to Lareez, we were unable to drop a snippet let alone a song, I think it was because of school sha o *laughing* we lost that street credibility, we didn’t come in contact with the booth for over a year, We lost touch with Big Daddy.
In 2014  we got to know S gee better, he put us in his crew “YBC.”


we joined, made sweet music, since then he was either producing, recording or mixing our songs like LOVING YOU, ARA. Ori Mi was officially produced by one of our dudes Vlamjonzingbeat thanks boss he just gave us the beat and we did our best on it. We met with Big Daddy again and recorded BOOGIE DOWN, DON’T TELL EM a cover to Jeremih’s featuring Lars’ Younger brother Larsen on the second verse and the KING IS HERE that D’banj’s competition we hope we win o.
More stories to come on THE SAGA